Chassis Fountain
I went to Moerenuma Park in Sapporo.
Moerenuma Park was created in Sapporo as a landscape of dreams brought to life by merging the visions of the sculptor engraved into the vast ground together with the intention of preserving an environment rich with greenery for future generations.

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Best Friend
I met a best friend in GW that he had been my classmate of college. He is for purpose of his job. We walked around Marunouchi,Nihonbashi,Ginza and Akihabara. We were talking about each job job, of course recently. He has been a free creator of the of the movie in Osaka from two years age. His talking herself cheered me up as "Gattsu".
Thank you for everything.
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Think about a dog
I have dog.
I want to understand a dog's happiness, enjoyment, sadness & anger.
Now here is an actuality such as
Please wait...
Please save their life.
With no doubt, a good conscience will turn into great energy & will bring good fortune to everyone's lives.We should think about a dog' life.

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Guns N' Roses LIVE
At last...I saw a website as
When I was high school,I liked a music they played very much. Since the 1990's when listening to their greatest , I never imagined it would come to this day.


But... I can"t come their live because of my job.
My best song is music like "November Rain",it is beautiful,sadly and a passionate. Shall we listen to their music?
I am glad if you liked it.

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Macworld 2007

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